Armstrong Axiom Trim Solutions

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Armstrong Special Application Ceiling Systems provide architects and contractors with many options for creating sustainable ceiling systems. They also support applications that require panels with a wider face. From a design perspective, there are options that can help you hide the attachment between the molding and grid, and even eliminate the need for hangar wires and pop rivets.

Using Armstrong Ceiling Suspension Systems for Your Building Project

If you are designing a new building, possibly considering specifying Special Application Ceiling Suspension Systems, or your client has specified Armstrong materials, give us a call. Someone from our experienced sales team can sit down with you and help you pick the right system for your needs.

Axiom Building Perimeter System

The Axiom Building Perimeter System allows you to regain aesthetic control at the building perimeter. This perimeter solution accommodates the transition between the interior of a building's perimeter and the ceiling plane. It is a pre-engineered solution integrates drapery pockets, air distribution and allows for changes in ceiling elevation.

Axiom Knife Edge Trim

This trim offers a unique profile that provides a refined alternative to traditional blunt 90-degree vertical trims. There is a profile available for traditional acoustical lay-in and tegular panels, as well as dryall, and another profile is available that works with the unique Vector edge. They are compatible with exposed suspension systems and drywall grid systems and the extruded aluminum trim provides a crisp edge detail. The colors coordinate with Armstrong ceiling and grid systems, but are also available in custom colors.

Axiom Paired Trim

This unique system allows tandem sections of curved trim to run parallel. This system offers a design option to accentuate open plenum spaces or below acoustical ceilings. It provides a crisp profile, smooth connections and the surface is resistant to corrosion in comparison to steel systems. The colors coordinate with Armstrong ceiling and grid systems, but are also available in custom colors.

Axiom Vector Trim

This product features a narrow vertical "fin" on the profile creates a small recess to echo the reveal of the Vector ceiling panel. The extruded aluminum trim provides a crisp edge detail compared to conventional roll-formed steel sytems. It is recommended for use with full size Vector ceilling panels and helps to preserve teh factory cut edge detail.

Axiom Classic Trim

Classic trim is an easy and cost-effective framing and installation for custom perimeters and ceiling clouds. It reduces costly framily and installation time, and is easier to reconfigure than steel studs. It comes in six profile heights and is an easy, cost-effective way to create curved and straight custom perimeters, stepped soffits, floating ceiling clouds, floating ceiling pods and curtain pockets.

Axiom Profiled Trim

Axim Profiled Trim offers four decorative profiles: Convex, Concave, Cove and Crown available in straight and 90-degree corner (noncurved) configurations. They allow for full module ceiling tiles and the extruded aluminum helps provide a crisp edge detail. They work especially well with light cove pockets, floating ceiling trim, large scale coffers, drywall or acoustical transitions.

Axiom Transitions Trim

This trim offers an aluminum extrusion to create a smooth transition between drywall and suspended ceilings (mineral fiber, metal or wood). It accommodates various combinations of height transitions between drywall and acoustic panels.

Axion Soft Edge Trim

Axiom Soft Edge Trim is designed for free standing acoustical clouds and offers three profile options: Soft Corner, Ripple and Convex. It incorporates the sophisticated grid-hiding visual of a Vector ceiling with a similar 1/4" reveal along the perimeter trim. Soft Edge Trim is available in Soft Edge Ripple, Soft Edge Soft Corner and Soft Edge Convex details.