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Armstrong BioAcoustic Ceiling Tiles

We are your local, authorized distributor of BioAcoustic ceiling tiles in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Armstrong BioAcoustic Ceiling Tiles are the only Cradle to Cradle – Silver certified ceilings. They have been certified for their material content, recyclability and manufacturing characteristics.

Using Armstrong BioAcoustic Ceiling Tiles for Your Building Project

If you are designing a new building, possibly considering specifying Amstrong BioAcoustic Tiles, or your client has specified Armstrong materials, give us a call. Someone from our experienced sales team can sit down with you and help you pick the right system for your needs.

Tierra BioAcoustic Ceiling Tiles

The Teirra BioAcoustic tiles are made from natural jute fiber, a 45% rapidly renewable material. These tiles are the only C2C silver certified tile in the world, providing you with LEED Innovation credits. They are recommended for classrooms, conference rooms, executive offices, corridors, lobbies and reception areas.