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Armstrong Ceiling Systems

We are your local distributor for Armstrong Ceiling Grid and Suspension Systems.

Armstrong offers Ceiling Suspension Systems for various applications with feature and options that will allow you to be creative with your design. If you are designing a new building and want to learn more about Armstrong products, get in touch with our expert sales team today. They can educate you on all the benefits that Armstrong products have to offer.

Using Armstrong Suspension Systems for Your Building Project

If you are designing a new building, possibly considering specifying Armstrong Ceiling Grid and Suspension Systems, or your client has specified Armstrong materials, give us a call. Someone from our experienced sales team can sit down with you and help you pick the right system for your needs.

Armstrong General Application Ceiling Suspension Systems

Armstrong suspension systems offer many advantages for the design, safety, and long-term sustainability of a building. Axiom trim designs provide architects with different styles and unique visuals for the perimeter of ceiling systems. ShortSpan systems also provide a clean finish by eliminating cross tees, hangar wires, and framing screws. PeakForm systems provide extra strength and stability, and the products are also tested rigorously for compliance with seismic requirements. General Application Suspension Systems include:

  • Interlude Dimensional Tee
  • Prelude Exposed Tee
  • Prelude Concealed Tee
  • Silhouette Bolt Slot
  • Sonata Dimensional Tee
  • Suprafine Exposed Tee
  • Trimlok Screw Slot

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Armstrong Special Application Ceiling Suspension Systems

Armstrong provides suspension systems for special applications that require high recycled content ceiling grid, a wider panel face, or locking angles that eliminate the need for hangar wire and pop rivets. Special Application Suspension Systems include:

  • HRC Grid
  • Clean Room Systems
  • Environmental Tee Systems
  • Exterior Application Systems
  • Acoustical Locking Angle

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Axiom Trim Solutions

Axiom trim solutions can be used to enhance the perimeter of any Armstrong ceiling tile and suspension system. These products include:

  • Axiom Building Perimeter System
  • Axiom Knife Edge Trim
  • Axiom Vector Trim
  • Axiom Classic Trim
  • Axiom Profiled Trim
  • Axiom Transitions Trim
  • Axion Soft Edge Trim

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Armstrong Drywall Framing Systems

Armstrong Drywall Framing Systems can be faster and more cost effective than traditional installation methods. They eliminate the labor-intensive cutting, tying and spacing of track and channel framing, and they are engineered with route locations and cross tees to maintain precise module spacing. Armstrong offers the ShortSpan Drywall System and the QuikStix Framing System.