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Earn LEED Credits with Armstrong Products

Armstrong offers Ceiling Tiles, Grid and Acoustical Wall Panels that can help you earn LEED Credits for your building.

Armstrong has been a pioneer in “green” practices since before the Civil War, dating back to 1860. The original program dealt with recycling cork scrap, and resulted in the product we know today as linoleum.

Spec Armstrong Products and Earn LEED Credits

If you are planning or designing a new building and you are looking for solutions that will earn you LEED credits, take a look at the complete line of products from Armstrong — ceiling tiles, suspension systems, and wall panels.

Armstrong Recycling Program

Armstrong introduced the industry’s first ceiling recycling program in 1999, and they offer a broad portfolio of ceiling solutions with recycled content. Ceilings are one of the few interior finish products that are 100% recyclable, so they can be returned at the end of their life-cycle through Armstrong’s closed-loop process.

Sustainable Performance

Armstrong products are designed to reduce the environmental impact of the structure that you design and build. Recycled materials are used right from the start to create the products, which helps improve energy and acoustical performance. By using little or no formaldehyde, Armstrong products contribute to good indoor air quality, and also help inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Maintenance and installation is also taken into consideration, so that the products are durable and ceilings do not sag. Finally, Armstrong closes the loop by recycling old ceilings.

Sustainable Products

Armstrong takes great care in selecting the raw materials it uses to manufacture their tiles, grid and wall panels.

The BioAcoustic line of ceiling tiles are made from a natural jute fiber, which grows from seed to harvest in 90 days. This makes it a 45% renewable material. Combined with Armstrong’s High Recycled Grid, BioAcoustic creates one of the greenest ceiling systems in the industry.

Armstrong Mineral Fiber products contain a high percentage of recycled content and are part of the Closed Loop Recycling Program, so they are 100% recyclable. They are no-formaldehyde products and come with a 30-year performance guarantee.

Fiberglass Ceiling Systems are made from 70-75% recycled content. They provide an energy-saving, high light-reflective finish that is clean and durable. The panels are lightweight and easy to handle, and the substrate resists mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.

All Armstrong Ceiling Suspension systems contain 30% recycled content and are recyclable. The patented Peak Form and rotary stitching provides extra strength and stability.

WoodWorks products offer no-formaldehyde options and contain 92% recycled content. They are Class A fire rated.

Armstrong Wall Systems contain high recycled content and no detectable formaldehyde emissions. The perforated panels provide excellent sound absorption.

Armstrong Fabric Products provide good sound absorption and contain recycled content. Formaldehyde emissions are low and the products are recyclable.

TechZone products are energy saving systems that provide cost savings and increased light levels. You can earn up to 3 LEED Credits with Hi-LR ceilings. These products feature high recycled content options and are 100% recyclable.