Interior Supply is your best choice for building products in Columbus and Central Ohio.

Since 1988, we have been working with architects, designers, construction companies, and general contractors in Columbus, providing them with competitive pricing, access to our expert sales team, and top-notch customer service.

Building Materials Experts

When it comes to choosing the right solution for a building or construction project, our experienced, knowledgeable sales team can help you make the right choice. Do you need help specking the right Outsulation System from Dryvit? We can help. Can’t decide which Armstrong acoustical wall system will fit your needs the best? Give us a call. We’ll help you find the answer.

Fabrication Shop

We have a complete fabrication shop at our Columbus location and the experience to handle any of your toughest requirements. This ties in well with our extensive product lines and adds value with the other products we offer.

Solutions for Your Building Project

Our Columbus location offers a wide range for architects, designers, building owners, and contractors:

Enhance Your Design with Specialty Products

We offer a wide range of specialty products from many different companies, including:

Our Manufacturers

We offer products from leading manufacturers of acoustical wall and ceiling solutions, drywall, metal studs, interior and exterior insulation and metal doors, including:

On-Site Delivery that Goes the Extra Step

Do you need your materials delivered on-site? Not just to where your building is, but where you actually need to install the materials? Our professional delivery team not only brings your materials to you, but they go the extra mile put them right where you need them. Our fleet features boom trucks, transfer trucks, curtain trucks, moffit trucks, and pickup trucks. But the crown jewel of our fleet is our curtain truck with moffit. No one else in Columbus has this type of equipment. We just swing the curtain back, grab your materials with the forklift and take them right into the building.

Serving Central Ohio

Our Columbus office also services the following areas in Central Ohio.

Serving Eastern Ohio

Our Columbus office also services the following areas in Eastern Ohio.

Serving Southern Ohio

Our Columbus office also services the following areas in Southern Ohio.


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