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Contractor’s Corner

The following videos provide useful information on how to install various Armstrong products, including QuickStix.

SingleSpan Corridor Acoustical Grid Installation

Learn about Armstrong’s SingleSpan Corridor Acoustical Grid and how the product is installed. Watch video »

Axiom Suspension Systems Installation

Ceiling Cloud Installation with With Axiom Classic and Corner Post. Watch video »

Faceted Drywall Grid Systems Installation

Curved drywall ceiling grid installation. Watch video »

QuikStix Drywall Grid Systems Installation

QuikStix soffits and soffits attached to acoustical grid. Watch video »

ShortSpan Drywall Framing Systems Installation

QuikStix locking pocket main installation. Watch video »

Drywall Grid Systems Installation

Installing 6 ft. drywall grid system tees. Watch video »

Acoustical to Drywall Transition Molding Installation

Armstrong Transition Molding eliminates the need for a vertical drywall return at the transition, return framing to support drywall return, and corner bead and vertical taping. Watch video »