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We are an authorized Dietrich distributor in Ohio. Dietrich offers a wide array of metal framing products, including metal studs, clips, connectors, framing hardware, and finishing products. If you want to learn more about how building products from Deitrich can meet the needs of the next building you are designing or constructing, give our knowledgable sales team a call today. Dietrich, along with Clark Western, is now a part of Clark Dietrich Building Systems.

Working with Architects, Designers and Contractors

Our statewide expert sales team works with architects, designers, and contractors to help them find the right fit for their design or project. If you need to learn more about the specific benefits of Dietrich products, contact your local Interior Supply office and set up a meeting. We’ll help educate your about the products — from LEED credits, to ease of installation, to design aesthetics — so that you can make the best choice for your project.

Framing Products

Dietrich is a leading manufacturer of cold-formed framing and finishing products, systems and services for commercial and residential construction. They offer the largest selection of cold-formed framing and finishing products, including drywall and structural framing, floor joists, roof trusses, metal lath, fire-rated assemblies, and numerous deflection systems. They also provide an extensive line of metal, vinyl, paper-faced, veneer, plaster and stucco beads, and trim.

  • Interior Framing
  • Exterior Framing
  • HDS Framing System
  • Prox Header System for Wall Openings
  • Floor Framing
  • Truss Framing
  • Fire Rated Assembies

Clips, Connectors and Framing Hardware

  • Deflection Connectors
  • Rigid Connectors
  • Floor Framing Connectors
  • Bridging, Bracing and Backing
  • Roof and Truss Connectors
  • Specialty Clips and Connectors
  • Drywall Finishing Accesssories

Finishing Products

  • Metal Beads and Trims
  • Vinyl Beads and Trims
  • Paper Faced Beads
  • Veneer, Stucco and Plastic Beads and Trims
  • Metal Lath

Dietrich LEED Certification

Dietrich is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and recognizes the importance of improving the environmental impact and economic performance of today’s buildings. Dietrich’s light gauge and structural metal framing products and accessories contribute LEED credits in the following areas:

  • Materials and Resources (MR 2.1, 2.2, 4.1, 4.1, 5.2, 5.1)
  • Sustainable Sites (SS Credit 1)
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ 3.1)
  • Innovation in Design