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Fry Reglet Products Distributor

We are your local, authorized distributor of Fry Reglet products in Ohio.

We offer Fry Reglet’s metal fabrications and component systems, from formed metal extrusions and column covers to Graph, their universal wall cladding system. If you want to learn more about how building products from Fry Reglet can meet the needs of the next building you are designing or constructing, give our knowledgable sales team a call today.

Working with Architects, Designers and Contractors

Our statewide expert sales team works with architects, designers and contractors to help them find the right fit for their design or project. If you need to learn more about the specific benefits of Fry Reglet products, contact your local Interior Supply office and set up a meeting. We’ll help educate your about the products — from LEED credits, to ease of installation, to design aesthetics — so that you can make the best choice for your project.

Fry Reglet Product Systems

Fry Reglet offers pre-engineered systems. Their plant-controlled fabrication process ensures a consistent finish to the products and precise fit during installation.

Column Cover Systems

Fry Reglet’s Column Covers provide a completely customizable, turnkey solution for wrapping structural beams and columns. The system is versatile, with unlimited shapes and configurations. It is available in many different architectural metals and finishes. It is factory fabricated to allow for the integration of power, data, lighting or way finding. Column Covers are also available with horizontal and vertical reveals.

Acoustical Baffles & Wall Panels

Acoustical Baffles and Wall Panels from Fry Reglet provide a combination of acoustical performance and aesthetically designed wall panels. The versatile system offers six standard profiles and unlimited configurations. It comes in a variety of architectural metal types and finishes, and features multiple perforation patterns and configurations. It is available as a factory fabricated baffle or field installed wall panel system. When it comes to noise reduction, the system achieves up to a .90 Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC).

Graph Modular Wall System

The Graph Modular Wall System is completely customizable solution for interio wall applications and elevator cabs. It features aluminum framing assemblies that are factory fabricated and require minimal fabrication in the field during installation. It comes in multiple profiles and finishes, providing flexibility to aesthetic of the design. Graph is flexibile, so that a system can be deisgned to allow for power, data, lighting, monitors and way finding.

Graph installs in less time than traditional wall systems. The non-progressive installation process allows for panels to be removed without causing damage to the framing, adjacent panels and partition. Watch the video for a demonstration of Graph installation.

Environmental Sustainability with Fry Reglet Products

Fry Reglet products feature:

  • Up to 70% post-industrial content
  • Less than 20% of manufactured aluminum produced is new material
  • Minimal 7% scrap material generated in manufacturing
  • 100% of scrap material is collected and recycled