We are One of the Largest Distributors of Building Products in the Midwest

Working with Architects, Designers, and Contractors since 1988

Since we first opened our doors in 1988, we have worked with building design and construction professionals all over the state of Ohio. We started in Columbus, and have added locations throughout the state over the years.

Wide Range of Building Products

Each of our locations stocks a wide range of materials — from drywall to metal studs to steel doors. We have what you need. And we offer products from leading manufacturers like Armstrong, National Gypsum, and Dryvit.

Choosing the Right Solution

Are you an architect or designer working on the blueprints for a new building, but can’t decide which solution is right for your needs? Or are you looking for ways to earn LEED credits? Then call your local Interior Supply office and talk to someone on our expert sales team. We can help educate you so that you choose the right solution.

State-Wide Delivery

During any given month, we make upwards of 80 trips across the state, delivering products on site with our diverse fleet of delivery trucks. This means that we can get the materials you need anywhere in the state, usually within two days. And not only can we get them on-site, we can handle any jobsite condition. Need your drywall boards delivered to the fourth story of the building you are working on? No problem. We go the extra mile and delivery your materials right where you need them. Contact your local Interior Supply office to find out how we can get your materials delivered on site where you want them, when you want them.