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Louvers International Distributor

Louvers International Diffusers, Reflector, Louvers, and other products are available from Interior Supply.

Louvers International specializes in custom and standard lighting diffusers including:

  • Plastic and Aluminum Louvers
  • Prismatic Sheet
  • Wrap Lenses
  • Globes
  • Vaportights
  • Tubeguards
  • Energy Efficient Fluorescent Highbay Fixtures

Para Image Series Louvers

In an office setting, employee comfort is vitally important and helps determine the level of productivity. In most offices these days, there is a computer on every desk. This creates a glare off of monitors which can be distracting and annoying. Para Image Louvers can help solve this problem because they are specifically designed to reduce eyestrain without compromising light levels. They are offered in a variety of designs and finishes ranging from economical egg-crate to high-end, eye-catching decorative panels.

Para Image Aluminum Louvers

Aluminum louvers offer more combinations of designs, finishes, and cell dimensions for the design of your interior space. From universal fit deep cell parabolic retrofit assemblies, to custom manufactured baffles for cove lighting applications, Para Image Aluminum Louvers provide architects and retrofitters various design options that are still durable.

Reflect-A-Lux Reflectors

These reflectors and complete retrofit kits are designed to reduce lighting costs and energy use while maintaining or even increasing usable light output. They are computer designed to redirect all available light emissions to the needed area and optimize efficiency while providing energy savings through reduced lamps. Louvers International offers a broad range of reflector products which can be adjusted, redesigned, and customized to each specific application. Number of lamps, reflector finish, wiring options and much more can be designated by the customer to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Premier Series Flat Sheet Lenses

The Premier Series offers a complete spectrum of prismatic and patterned diffusers. This series allows the user to select from a wide array of panels ranging from common cracked ice and pattern 12 prismatic sheet, to radio frequency interference filtering panels designed for surgical suite use. From temporary solutions to durable vandal resistant products, the Premier Series of flat-sheet lenses has what you need for your lighting and suspended ceiling applications.

Ruffian Globes

The Ruffian Globe Series is a collection of street lights, globes, cylinders, spheres, cubes and neck assemblies. They are available in a number of colors, materials, and finishes, provide you with the ability to replace damaged and deteriorated parts which can prove to be difficult to find at times. Various flange assemblies, heat shields, and finials compromise the accessories necessary to complete the details and finish the job.

Drop Dish Series Diffusers

The Drop Dish series includes drop dishes, refractors, snap-in reveal diffusers and surface mount square and soft-corner style diffusers. This line includes the Lexalite products and the high-impact, pyramid-shaped Dyna-Lite Diffusers.

Specialty Series

The Specialty Series is comprised of numerous products designed to allow the you to retrofit and / or alter your existing fixture. The series includes:

  • Custom Wrap-A-Round Diffusers
  • Sky Lens Luminous Photo Panels
  • Pattern 34 RFI Surgical Lens for Lighting Hospital Surgical Suites
  • Wrap-A-Louver
  • Light Preserver Assemblies
  • Clip Strip Assemblies
  • Replacement Frameless Lens Assembles
  • Encapsulator Bulb Protectors
  • Dot Matrix Bulb Overlay
  • Retrofit Frame Sets
  • Wire Guards for Protecting Light Fixtures and Bulbs