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About Interior Supply

Our History

We opened our doors in 1988 with our first office in Columbus, Ohio. From the very beginning, President Bob Pickard and Vice President Tim Flynn have approached the business with a service-first philosophy, working to meet the needs of all clients — contractors, architects, and designers — and helping them to find solutions to their building product needs. With a strong line of products, including ArmstrongNational Gypsum and Dryvit, and a sales team that is dedicated to providing excellent customer services, we continue to strengthen relationships with our existing customers and build relationships with new ones.


We have been fortunate over the years to be in the position to expand operations throughout Ohio. We now have offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Lima, Akron, and Toledo, and we are one of the largest distributors of building products in the Midwest.

Long-Term Vision of Success

Our vision includes making use of the Internet to help us meet the growing needs and changing demographics of our customers.