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Acoustical Wall Panels & Systems

Acoustical wall panels and systems are sound absorbing panels that mount directly to walls and ceilings. Interior Supply distributes acoustic walls from several leading manufacturers, including Armstrong, Tectum, and Wall Technology.

Interior Supply offers acoustical wall panels and systems from ArmstrongTectum, and Wall Technology. Acoustical wall panels are designed to increase speech intelligibility by reducing reverberation and echoes.

Armstrong Acoustical Wall Systems

Armstrong wall panels provide acoustical and fire performance, including composite CLASS A flame spread performance. They have no-added-formaldehyde and a high percentage of recycled content that can contribute to LEED credits. We can work with Armstrong’s dedicated acoustic wall systems team to help architects and designers plan specialty wall design and support project.

We offer all lines of Armstrong wall systems, including Custom Soundsoak, Soundsoak Composed, Soundsoak Vinyl, WoodWorks Custom, WoodWorks Ekos, and QuickStix Walls. Contact our expert sales team today to find the exact product you need, or to talk about Armstrong Acoustic Wall Systems.

Tectum Plain and Fabric Wall Panels

Interior wall panels from Tectum provide an effective, attractive solution for any activity that produces undesirable levels of noise within an enclosed space. They are durable and resistant to abuse, so they can be used in gyms. They are easy to install in both new construction and existing buildings.

As an authorized Tectum distributor for Ohio, we offer the full line of plain and fabric wall panels, including Finale, V-Line, Kerfed, Fabri-Tough, Fabri-Tough II, and Fabri-Glass. Contact our expert sales team today to find the exact product you need, or to talk about Tectum Plain and Fabric Wall Panels for use in your project design.

Wall Technology Acoustical Wall Panels

Acoustical wall panels from Wall Technology provide durability, price, sound reflection, absorption, and noise control. Panels from Wall Technology are suitable for auditoriums, theaters, offices, libraries and many other applications. We offer the full line of acoustical panels from Wall Technology, including A100 Series Acoustical Panels, IR108 Series Acoustical Panels, Loaded Vinyl Acoustical Panels, TK/AC Acoustical Panels, New Dimensions Acoustical Panels, Metro Rebound Panels, Metro Wood Panels, and Foundations Acoustical Wall Panels. Contact our expert sales team today to find the exact product you need, or to talk about Wall Technology Acoustical Wall Panels for your design or project.