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Armstrong Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles Distributor

We are your local distributor for Armstrong mineral fiber acoustic ceiling tiles.

Armstrong Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles offer a wide range of texture and performance attributes. They come in various sizes, shapes and finishines, including lay-in, angled tegular and beveled tegular. They provide buildings with many opportunities to earn LEED credits, thanks to Armstrong’s dedication to using recyled content.

Using Armstrong Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles for Your Building Project

If you are designing a new building, possibly considering specifying Amstrong Mineral Fiber Tiles, or your client has specified Armstrong materials, give us a call. Someone from our experienced sales team can sit down with you and help you pick the right system for your needs.

Ceramaguard Ceiling Tiles

These are nondirectional medium texture tiles that are scrubbable and soil resistant. Armstrong guarantees resistance to chemical fumes and scrubbing for these tiles. HumiGuard Max performance resists sagging from moisture contact and 100% humidity. Fine Fissured Ceramaguard tiles are 15/16″ thick square lay-in tiles.

Cirrus Ceiling Tiles

Cirrus Ceiling Tiles provide a light texture, a wide range of edge detail and a wide range of design visuals. These tiles offer strong performance benefits, including sound absorption to quiet spaces, no-sag performance and no-added formaldehyde — all at a mid-price point. Cirrus continues to be a popular choice for interiors. High recycled content Cirrus is available for 2′ x 2′ Square Lay-In and Tegular. Cirrus comes in various styles: Cirrus Borders, Cirrus Classic Motifs, Cirrus Open Plan, Cirrus Profiles, Cirrus Second Look, Cirrus Themes, Cirrus Tile and Lay-In, Cirrus High Recycled Content.

Dune Ceiling Tiles

Dune Ceiling Tiles offer an appealing fine textured surface. For a modest price, you can upgrade to a nondirectional visual. These tiles provide high light reflectance and good scratch-resistance. They inhibit the surface growth of mold and mildew because they are coated in BioBlock paint, and HumiGuard Plus gives them no sag performance. Dune tiles come in different thicknesses of angled tegular, beveled tegular and square lay-in panels.

Health Zone Ultima Ceiling Tiles

Health Zone Ultima provides superior acoustical performance in a washable ceiling panel that meets USDA/FSIS guidelines for use in food processing areas, Clean Rooms up to Class 5 (Class 100). The panels have a water-repellent paint that is durable and acoustically transparent. Health Zone Ultima is an excellent choice for speech privacy and is easy to clean since it is safe for use with key disinfecting agents. Panels have a high recycled content, are 100% recyclable and are no-added formaldehyde products. They come in beveled tegular and square lay-in finishes.

Mesa Ceiling Tiles

Fine textured surface. Nondirectional visual reduces installation time and scrap. Good sound absorption and high light reflectance. Durable surface resists scratching and damage from plenum access. HumiGuard Plus no sag performance with BioBlock paint to inhibit surface growth of mold and mildew. The Mesa ceiling tiles come in angled tegular, beveled tegular and square lay-in finishes.

School Zone Fissured Ceiling Tiles

Medium-texture Fine Fissured ceilings combine versatility and performance, with options including tile and panels with multiple edge and grid choices, HumiGuard Plus no sag performance and BioBlock paint to inhibit surface growth of mold and mildew and Fire Guard options in an economical acoustical panel. These panels come in a square lay-in finish.

Ultima and Ultima Open Plan

All Ultima ceilings feature a fine textured, non-directional DuraBrite surface for increased durability and superior light reflectance. The washable, impact-resistant surface resists scratches, thus minimizing the need for frequent panel replacement. It also makes the panels more resistant to HVAC soiling. Ultima ceilings are appropriate for open plans and closed office spaces, and can be used to create a visual consistency between different parts of a building.

Ultima Themes

With Ultima Themes, you can visually enhance your ceiling with designs printed onto Ultima panels. These subtle artistic images are printed on sound absorbing Ultima panels so there’s no need to choose between design and performance.