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Armstrong Acoustic Walls Distributor

We are your local distributor for Armstrong Acoustic Wall systems.

Acoustic wall systems from Armstrong can improve sound control by reducing the amount of noise transmitted through the walls. They are easy and affordable to install, and they provide enhanced functionality and durability by offering chair rail accessories. When used with wood walls, they provide rich warm tones.

Using Armstrong Acoustic Wall Systems for Your Building Project

If you are planning or designing a new building and you are considering specifying Armstrong Wall Systems, give us a call. Someone from our experienced sales team can sit down with you and help you pick the right system for your needs.

Soundsoak Acoustical Wall Systems

Soundsoak Acoustical Wall Systems effectively control unwanted noise. The key feature of these systems is an acoustical inner core made of either fiberglass or mineral fiber. The core is covered with your choice of woven fabric, composed fabric, or easy-care vinyl. These wall panels absorb 50-90% of the sound that strikes the surface, which is 3 to 6 times the sound absorption of fabric-covered gypsum board. Soundsoak panels also minimize sound transmission between spaces, which helps to improve privacy.

Soundsoak Acoustical Wall Systems come in a wide range of sizes, including 4′ wide. The edge detail is wrapped in fabric. Specials and made-to-order sizes are available as custom options.

Fiberglass panels work well for sound absorption in perimeter walls for open applications, and the mineral fiber panels provide excellent acoustical performance in closed offices and places where a tackable surface is needed.

Soundsoak Composed Fabric wall panels come in both mineral fiber and fiberglass. Soundsoak Composed Vinyls wall panels are mineral fiber panels. Soundsoak Woven Fabric Wall Panels come in both mineral fiber and fiberglass.

Soundsoak Acoustical Wall Systems are appropriate for commercial, institutional, and educational applications, essentially anywhere that noise reduction is required, and privacy is needed for conversations. They can also be used in hallways, entry corridors, and exit corridors. And, unlike many other fabric covered wall panels, they can be used in buildings with sprinkler systems.