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Delivery Fleet

No one else has the flexibility to delivery your products like Interior Supply.

We offer professional warehouses, sales team and fleet of drivers that understand the construction business. They know that time is money, and that you need your order fulfilled right the first time, and delivered on time.

One of the highlights of our delivery fleet is the Curtain Truck with Moffit. We are the only delivery operation on Ohio that has one of these. This unique setup lets us swing the curtain back, pick up the materials with the forklift and take them right where you need them.

Our fleet also includes:

  • Boom Trucks
  • Transfer Trucks
  • Curtain Trucks
  • Moffit Trucks
  • Pickup Trucks

If you need to know how you can get your building products delivered where you want them, when you need them, get in touch with your local Interior Supply office.