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Dow Building Solution Products Distributor

We are your local, authorized distributor of Dow Building Solution Products in Ohio.

If you are in Ohio and you need products from Dow Building Products, give us a call. Dow offers a wide array of building insulation products for commercial application. If you want to learn more about how insulation solutions from Dow can meet the needs of the next building you are designing or constructing, give our knowledgeable sales team a call today.

Working with Architects, Designers and Contractors

Our statewide expert sales team works with architects, designers, and contractors to help them find the right fit for their design or project. If you need to learn more about the specific benefits of Dow insulation products, contact your local Interior Supply office and set up a meeting. We’ll help educate your about the products — from LEED credits, to ease of installation, to design aesthetics — so that you can make the best choice for your project.

Rigid Foam Insulation from Dow

Rigid foam insulation from Dow can be used in a wide range of applications, from insulating buildings and geotechnical installations to enhancing thermal efficiency of panel and composite materials. Rigid foam insulation from Dow comes in Extruded Polystyrene, Polyisocyanurate and Structural Insulated Sheathing.

Extruded Polystyrene Rigid Foam Insualtion

Dow offers many extruded polystyrene products to help meet the requirements of various applications. For building insulation, solutions include Bluecor, Styrofoam Cladmate, Styrofoam Stuccomate and Styrospan Insulation. Styrofoam Highload and Styrofoam SM can be used for geotechnical insulation. If you need a solution for clean rooms or insulated roofs, then Styrofoam Panel Core may be what you are looking for.

Polyisocyanurate Rigid Foam Insualtion

Polyisocyanurate building insulation from Down includes products like Isocast, Tuff-R, Super Tuff-R and Thermax.

Isocast R Insulation

This product features a thermally efficient polyisocyanurate foam core with trilaminate facers on both sides. It is designed for use in concrete sandwich panels where it is sandwiched between two layers of concrete with connectors holding the finished panel together.

Super Tuff-R Insulation

Super Tuff-R is one of the most durable and thermally efficient products offered for residential applications by Dow. Three-ply poly/aluminum foil facers laminated to the high-performance polyisocyanurate foam core enable exceptional durability and water vapor resistance. One facer is blue while the other facer is radiant barrier-quality reflective foil.

Tuff-R Insulation

Tuff-R is a versatile product that meets numerous residential insulation and sheathing requirements and can be applied to a variety of substrates. It features a high-performance polyisocyanurate foam core with radiant barrier-quality aluminum foil facers on both sides.

Thermax Building Insulation

Dow offers a wide array of rigid foam insulation products, including the Thermax family of boards. Thermax Insulation helps minimize thermal shorts. This saves energy and money. As a continuous insulation, it also moderates the temperature of the wall cavity, reducing the potential for dew point condensation. An integral, durable acrylic-coated aluminum facer provides drainage plane and water-resistant barrier for your walls. This eliminates the extra step of installing a membrane or building wrap. This means that contractors have less to install, which can help the building get done faster.

Thermax Insulation also offers a high R-value, providing your long-term thermal performance for your building.

Thermax Wall System

The Thermax Wall System combines Thermax (ci), Weathermate Straight Flashing, and Styrofoam Brand SPF into one system that provides insulated walls for your building.

Thermax (ci) Exterior Insulation

Thermax (ci) is an exterior solution for continuous insulation. It comes in boards that have a glass-fiber-reinforced polyisocyanurate foam core that is faced on one side with embossed 4 mil acrylic-coated aluminum and the other side with 1.25 mil embossed aluminum.

The foam core provides one of the highest R-values available for immediate insulation and weather protection on the job site, as well as long-term thermal performance. Thermax (ci) can stay uncovered for up to six months while your work on your building.

Thermax (ci) exterior insulation boards are lightweight and can be sawed or cut with a knife. They can be installed quickly and easily with common building tools. For optimum performance, you can use Dow Weathermate Flashing to seal joints between boards, which creates a water-resistive barrier.

Weathermate Straight Flashing

Weathermate Flashing from Dow delivers adhesion and maximum quality and performance over a wide range of temperatures. Weathermate Flashing is used to seal the joins of Thermax (ci) Exterior Insulation boards and thru-wall penetrations, such as windows and doors. It can also be used behind veneer tie penetrations. This flashing combines a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) film facer with a butyl rubber adhesive to form a strong mechanical and chemical bond to most building materials. A polymeric-coated paper release liner provides a more consistent peel than plain paper liners.

It is a self-sealing, self-healing, fully adhered flashing engineered for adhesion to insulated sheathing, steel, masonry, concrete, gypsum and other surfaces. In commercial applications, it is used to protect the building from moisture intrusion at critical areas, such as between joints of insulation on steel stud cavity walls and as temporary flashing over insulation joints on standing seam metal roofs, enhancing total building performance.

Styrofoam Brand SPF (CM Series)

This air barrier solution is a Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) that effectively blocks infiltration by filling gaps, cracks, and penetrations. It helps enhance the insulation value of your system and offers exceptional moisture management and elimination of air infiltration in the wall when property applied.

Structural Insulated Sheathing

Styrofoam SIS from Dow provides insulation and a water-resistant barrier. It is designed for use as braced wall panels attached next to other rigid insulated sheathing. It can also serve as continuous structural insulated sheathing over the entire structural insulated wall line.

Earn LEED Credits with Dow Products

Dow Building Solutions can help contribute to the long-term performance of your building. They are dedicated to helping building owners optimize energy efficiency, manage moisture, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with products and integrated solutions that can help earn LEED credits in a wide range of commercial building applications, including foundations, walls and roofs.