Jobsite Safety

Management is committed to providing a safe and healthful work environment for all individuals in our facilities or on our project sites. This commitment is shown through active prevention of incidents and near misses. Mandated safety policies and safety training, together with continuous review and inspection of job sites enables us to stay ahead of the curve in the area of incident prevention. We strongly believe in the value of pre-planning in order to anticipate rather than being forced to react to hazards. We shall never accept the notion, “accidents happen.”

The entire management team is responsible for overseeing safety. Human Resources aids managers and supervisors in pre-planning with respect to hazard assessments; to conduct inspections for noncompliance or unsafe practices; to help correct deficiencies on a project; to provide training, and to identify and communicate trends in the company’s safety performance.

Our culture reflects the policy that prevention is served through training, pre-planning, awareness and timely action. Training is dictated by federal and state standards plus findings from periodic job inspections and through identification of trends resulting from detailed incident investigation(s).

Our safety and health programs, policies and practices are centered upon three fundamental principles. First, that injuries to associates and third parties are not acceptable and are to be prevented. Second, it is a sound business practice for those benefiting by our industry to ensure safe and healthful work environments and third, any party to a contract for construction goods and/or services has an enforceable legal duty to use their best efforts to actively yet reasonably promote the best practices of safety and health within the industry.

Finally, it is our intent to fulfill the proactive approach that all incidents are preventable.  It must be clear that aggressively maintaining a safe work environment, at all times, is not a choice, it is our culture.