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Products from Shanker

Shanker Tin Ceilings and other products are available from Interior Supply.

Shanker Industries has been manufacturing Authentic Decorative Metal Walls & Ceilings for more than 100 years. They use original, sand casted steel dies and a Bliss Power Press, which insures a clean clear and uniform stamp every time. Shanker offers more than 40 patterns and 18 cornice designs to choose from. Finishes are available in Steel, Brass, Copper, Chrome, White, and Stainless Steel.

Shanker products are manufactured from 30 gauge (.010) tin-free steel, which is chromium treated for good paint retention. Although a primer is not required for most environments, they highly recommend an application prior to painting, especially in places exposed to heat, humidity, condensation or other moisture where corrosion might be a concern. If painted properly using a high-gloss or semi- gloss oil based paint, or a clear-gloss polyurethane to finish the product in its natural state, the panels can last for a long time. You cannot use water based or latex paints, because they will induce corrosion.

Panels can be painted prior to shipment at an additional charge (depending on quantity) on a special order basis. They work with a metal-powder coating paint line, which gives the panels a tough resilient finish. This can help you keep labor costs down when the area to paint is rather large.

Shanker also produces all ceiling panels in brass, copper, chrome, or pre-painted white. They are shipped with a baked-on clear enamel, as well as a PVC peel-off film, to protect the finish in transit and during installation.

Since Shanker panels are made of steel and do not absorb sound, so they are not appropriate for spaces where high acoustic performance is a requirement. However, they are perfect for many restaurants, especially those that cater to younger crowds and families, where a higher noise level is not a problem. However, where acoustics are important, all patterns are available in perforated metal, which will allow much of the sound to pass through the panel into the materials behind it.

When properly coated, no maintenance is required. Although Shanker does recommend the use of semi-gloss finishes, as these can be cleaned easily with a mild soap and water.