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Building Materials for Health Care Applications

Create HIPAA-compliant interior spaces in medical offices and other health are applications.

When it comes to choosing the right materials, products, or solutions for a medical facility, dental office or any health care application, we can help you make the right decisions. At Interior Supply, we offer solutions and services for the design and construction of any health care application that can help comply with HIPAA requirementsearn LEED credits, and contribute to the long-term sustainability of the structure. From exterior insulation finish systems to acoustical walls and ceiling solutions, our expert sales team can help educate you and work with you to make the right choices for your new health care building. And after construction begins, we can deliver the materials on-site, when you want them, right where you want them, helping to speed up construction time and keep the process on schedule.

Protect the Exterior of Your Medical Building

Sustainable, Aesthetically Pleasing Solutions from Interior Supply

The new medical office or structure that you are designing, remodeling or building needs to keep air in and the elements out. It needs to withstand the seasons, along with rapid changes in weather and temperature. The products and materials you choose should be easy to install, low-maintenance, and last for a long time. You also want to choose products that are aesthetically pleasing for the outside of your building, giving it an impressive, yet functional, facade.

We offer insulation solutions from companies like DryvitHenry, and Owens Corning that can help the exterior of your office building meet requirements from local building codes, specifications from the owner, and earn LEED credits.

Create a Private Environment that Complies with HIPAA Standards

Acoustical Performance

When it comes to a health care application – hospital, nursing home, pharmacy, physician’s office – HIPAA mandates that all individually identifiable health information be kept private. This extends to conversations between the medical staff and patients. A balanced acoustical design can help ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations, and our sales team can help you choose the right solutions.

Your building should also provide a soothing environment that is not too loud, has the proper lighting, and has an aesthetically pleasing, professional look. The right environment can help keep patients and their families comfortable and help them feel secure.

It all starts with office acoustics and keeping noise levels reduced. Acoustical ceiling tiles and acoustical wall panels can help dramatically reduce noise, in both open and closed environments. A balanced acoustical design focuses on:

  • Using high performance acoustical ceilings to prevent unwanted sound build-up due to reflection
  • Blocking sound transmission between spaces with a combination of high performance ceilings, an effective layout of the office and the right furniture
  • Covering the remaining sound within a space by the use of evenly distributed, comfortable sound masking system that can be adjusted to meet the desired levels of privacy

Ceilings and Lighting

Lighting is also a critical factor in the medical office, and choosing the right ceiling system can contribute to a comfortable environment for both patients and staff. But the right ceiling system can also help resist mold and mildew, which helps maintain the indoor air quality. Many acoustical ceilings are also made from high-recycled-content, which can contribute LEED credits to your building.

From a visual perspective, you can create an impressive, soothing look and feel to both open and closed spaces with metal ceilings, wood ceilings, and canopies.

Wall Systems

The walls of your medical building can also contribute to the environment, and the materials they are made from need to be durable and last. You can frame your walls with cold formed steel studs, metal studs or a complete drywall framing system. When it comes to finishing your walls, we offer a wide selection of gypsum boards for just about any application. We also offer wall systems that can bring a nice finish to the interior of your office.

We Can Help You Find the Right Products, Materials, and Solutions

There are many products from which to choose for interior and exterior applications, for open spaces like waiting rooms to closed spaces like consultation rooms. You can spend your time flipping through catalogs and browsing websites, trying to learn about all of the products that are available and then trying to choose the right one. Or you can let our expert sales team help you cut through the mess and lend a hand. Our sales team has many years of experience, not only helping customers choose the right products, but also learning about the pros and cons of each product in various applications. You can rely on our expertise to help you make the right choices for your new health care building, from EIFS on the outside to acoustical solutions for the inside that will help you comply with HIPAA requirements.