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Specialty Products

We carry a wide variety of specialty products, including architectural components, impact protection product and lighting diffusers.

Casting Designs

Casting Designs produces and ships products all over the world from their manufacturing plant in Forth Worth, Texas. They provide custom architectural products for interior and exterior applications, and we carry many of their products. Learn more »


DecoForm manufactures quality, molded interior and exterior architectural components. Learn more about the DecoForm products we carry »


Henry offers a wide array of commercial building products that help manage the flow of water, air, and vapor through the envelope of your building, from foundation to roof. Learn more »


Karp manufactures various types of doors for commercial buildings. We carry their flush access doors, recessed access doors, fire-rated access doors, specialty doors, roof hatches and floor doors. Learn more »


We carry the full line of products, including fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panels. Learn more »

Louvers International

Louvers International specializes in custom and standard lighting diffusers. Learn more about the products we carry »


We offer the full line of impact protection products from Pawling. Learn more »


Shanker Industries has been manufacturing Authentic Decorative Metal Walls & Ceilings for more than 100 years. Learn more »

Wall Technology

Wall Technology designs and produces acoustic wall and ceiling products that are ideal for application is from architectural to commercial to institutional. Their products are standard and customizable wall and ceiling panels, clouds, baffles, and diffusers. Learn more »